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Fic: Que Samsara, Sera, by valderys

Title: Que Samsera, Sera
Author: valderys
Rating: mature (sex)
Length: 8738 words, oneshot
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jack/Ianto
Genre/Category: erudite, angst, romance
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: series two
Summary: ‘When all desire has vanished, a person will not be reborn anymore.’ Jack may be immortal, but Ianto Jones is nothing if not resourceful. If he can help it, Jack will never be alone again.

Why you should read it: I always think this story is longer than it is, when I go to reread it, because in a way, it's an epic romance in less than ten thousand words, and that alone is an accomplishment in how complete, how all-encompassing it is. The depth of this story cannot be exaggerated, nor can how much it makes you feel when you read it. One of the nuances of writing Jack and Ianto is the understanding that Jack will live forever - and Ianto won't. Que Samsera, Sera provides a solution - but it isn't an easy one, nor a pretty one, and in the end it's possible the solution hurts more than the problem. My favourite thing about this piece is that and the end, I can't answer that question. Was it better that way? valderys lets you decide. Poetic, rich, intelligent and emotional, this complicated piece of fiction is a must-read for the fandom.

Authors appreciate your comments! Feel free to let them know if you liked their work.
Tags: category: angst, category: backstory (jack), category: erudite, category: genderswap, character: ianto, character: jack, era: far future, era: post-series two, genre: romance, length: b5000-10000, length: oneshot, pairing: jack/ianto, rating: mature (sex), sex: het, sex: slash, type: fic
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