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18 November 2008 @ 11:34 pm
Admin Post: Constructive Criticism and Negative Comments  
We recently came to a decision regarding an important subject: constructive criticism and negative comments.

Torchwood House will not accept critical comments of a negative nature on our recs posts. We feel that this is not the proper forum for criticism, constructive or otherwise. There are several reasons for our decision.

1. We are a reccing site. While we are capable of critiquing and reviewing fic/vid/art, we made the decision to simply recommend them instead. Since we do not ask the author's/artist's permission to rec their works, we felt it would be wrong to offer them criticism on our comm. Critiquing would also lead to one person’s work being better than another, and ranking, and rules… and many more things we just didn’t want to be involved with.

2. We are not a discussion community. Constructive criticism would require rebuttal and discussion. While we support constructive criticism as a tool to improve an author’s/artist's skills, our community simply isn’t the proper place for this to occur.

3. One of our goals is to encourage authors/artists to produce more works that we enjoy. Negative comments are counterproductive to that end.

4. Really, why would you post a comment here that you’re unwilling to post at the author’s/artist's own site? If you feel strongly enough about a work to criticize it, please have the courage to do so where the author/artist is better able to defend themselves and their creation.

Art. One man’s Picasso is another man’s hideously deformed drawing. In other words, there is a huge element of subjectivity in what we do. We realize that not everything we rec is going to appeal to every person. That’s why we try to give you some guidelines as to the nature of the work, to help you decide for yourselves whether you’re going to enjoy it. We make a definite effort to include all pairings and all types of stories. If one pairing receives more attention than the others, then that’s just the nature of the fandom. We do not involve ourselves with character or pairing bashing.

"What we won’t do is... make negative comments within the community regarding fic, authors, series, etc. We will never tell you what not to read."

We stand by this sentiment, which can be found in our mission statement here.

While we aren’t welcoming discussion on this issue having already made our decision, you may of course feel free to leave feedback regarding our community here. Comments placed here, both negative and positive, will stand, though we still reserve the right to delete flames and trolls.

Thank you for helping to keep Torchwood House a positive and welcoming place.