thaddeusfavour (thaddeusfavour) wrote in torchwood_house,

Site: Crack Van, an LJ recs community

Site: crack_van, Profile
Type: A multi-fandom rec community

Why you should visit it: This is an awesome recs comm, especially if you're like me and read in many fandoms. I only have time to be fully devoted to Torchwood, but I still enjoy reading fic in Due South, Highlander, Stargate Atlantis... you get the idea. Anyone can volunteer to "drive the crack van" and spend a month reccing their fandom. It's an excellent opportunity to rec great fic you don't see getting the attention they deserve.

As for their Torchwood section? It's top notch. Start with the fandom overview if you're new to Torchwood, or send your friends there if you're finding it difficult to describe the gestalt that is Torchwood. Then peruse the recs. You'll find some crossover between our comm and crack_van because, well, great fic is great fic. After all, both comms are dedicated to bringing well written, entertaining fanfic to the attention of the fans. torchwood_house is a specialty shop, while crack_van is a department store. So, if you're looking for additional fandoms, or just want to see what else might be available in the world of Torchwood, take a ride on the Crack Van.
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