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Torchwood House

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Recommending quality Torchwood fanfiction

Welcome to Torchwood House.

Torchwood House
Mission Statement, or What We’re About

Who We Are:

We are a group of people who enjoy reading good Torchwood fanfic. In many cases, we also enjoy writing Torchwood fanfic. Learn a bit about us here.

What We Like:

The Torchwood House rec team is comprised of a fairly diverse group of people. We have similar tastes in some things. All of us enjoy language when it’s used beautifully to describe a scene or evoke emotion. All of us enjoy a strong plot, good characterization, and snappy dialogue. However, not all of us enjoy the same types of fic. One of us might seek out a good angsty hurt/comfort piece, while someone else might dig into a lyrical character study.

And as for kinks? Everyone has their own and we’re no different in that regard. One of us might avoid dom/sub like the plague, while someone else actively seeks it out. Diversity. It might not make the world go round, but it does keep it interesting.

What We’re About:

Our goal is to rec all the fic we find to be well written and entertaining in the Torchwood fandom. Along the way, we’ll rec vids, art, meta and other stuff as it strikes our fancy. We have a simple motto: If it’s Torchwood, it’s ours. ::grin::

That said, it’s a pretty lofty goal, and there are a lot of things worth reccing. Hopefully, all of you have discovered patience among your list of virtues, because we’re in it for the long haul and it’s gonna take some time.

What we won’t do is sacrifice quality for quantity, or make negative comments within the community regarding fic, authors, series, etc. We will never tell you what not to read.

We will try to provide as broad a spectrum of works as possible. While Jack/Ianto is prevalent, gen fic and other pairings are out there. All of us really enjoy knowing that our recs are helping others find the fics they’ll enjoy. That’s what we’re about.

Audience Participation:

Feel free to leave us feedback, or submit fics for reccing. While we may not respond – the work becomes exponentially harder when trying to respond to everyone – we will read everything. Even if we don’t rec a particular fic, or if it takes us simply ages to do so, the listing itself is a wonderful resource for others to find good fiction on your recommendations.

We will not accept constructive criticism or negative comments on the recs post themselves. Please read this post regarding our policy.


All are welcome to "watch" this community, which will allow you to have the posts appear in your friend's list. Simply click the "Watch this community" on your lj task bar. At this point in time, actual membership as a reccer in Torchwood House is by invitation only.